Silicone Sealant (RTV)

Product Properties
Properties Standard Value Test Method
Color White
Specific Gravity 1.45 ± 0.05
Viscosity 300,000 ± 30,000(cps, at 25℃)
Tack-Free time Within 10minutes
Appearance Not foreign substance
Test Condition

1).Setting temperature & humidity for test
-.Test condition is originally applied to standard temperature / humidity second level under KS M 3090 [Temperature 23±2℃ & Relative humidity 50±5%]
-.But due to properties of product, this product will be applied to standard temperature / humidity fifth level under KS M 3090 [temperature 20±5℃ & relative humidity 65±20%]
-.And it has to be registered with temperature & humidity in test report.

Guarantee period of quality / Storage conditions

1. Guarantee period of quality
①.After 6 months from Cartridge(300ml) Production Date
②.After 2 weeks from the date of open Cartridge (300ml) (It’s different depending on storage site)
③.Pail can(20ℓ)(Sealing) : After 6 month from the date of production

2. Storage conditions
- Avoid direct rays / Storage in dry & dark place